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An Oceanside DUI Lawyer on your side.

DUI cases can be won, with the right DUI lawyer to help you.
If you’re facing a DUI arrest, or someone you know has been arrested, knowing what an Oceanside DUI lawyer can do for you is the first important step in beating your DUI case.

Time is working against you, an Oceanside DUI Lawyer will work for you.

A person who was stopped for DUI will lose their license automatically within 10 days of the stop, unless they contact the DMV to request a DMV hearing. This is usually done by lawyers retained by drivers facing DUI charges and is very important to take care of right away. Failure to set a DMV hearing within 10 days of the DUI arrest will lead to an automatic license suspension.

What to look for when talking with an Oceanside DUI Lawyer.

During your conversation with am Oceanside DUI lawyer, look for some important cues from the lawyer you speak with. This includes:

-Is their practice focused on DUI defense?
-Do they have familiarity with DUI laws, rules and procedures?
-Are they confident and will they argue your case effectively?

Watch out for law firms that are too busy to have a dedicated lawyer answer your questions. Often, “DUI law firms” will have paralegals or assistants take phone calls. This can (but isn’t always) be a sign that the firm is too busy to give each case the attention it deserves.

Things you will go over with your Oceanside DUI Lawyer.

Your consultation with an Oceanside DUI lawyer will go over some basic things. It is critical that you are honest and complete with your lawyer, so they can focus on the facts of your case that will help you.

Some importance information the lawyer will want to gather:
-the type of chemical test used
-the type of Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) that were used
-Any statements or admissions made to police

Building a winning defense with your Oceanside DUI Lawyer.

With your consultation complete, you and your Oceanside DUI lawyer will begin to build your case, using the facts you described to your lawyer and the most common defenses to DUI cases. These defenses include:

-Rising BAC or Blood Alcohol content defense.
-Attacking the issue of who the driver really was.
-Showing weakness in Police procedures and training
-Attacks on the calibration, accuracy and maintenance of police equipment, including breathalyzer, used.

Oceanside DUI Reference Guide:
Oceanside police department information.
Oceanside courthouse information

For more information, call 213-400-0358 now and speak with a dedicated Oceanside DUI lawyer.

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