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The consequences of a DUI in Pomona:

A DUI arrest has an effect on a person’s criminal record, and on their driver’s license.  This is because a DUI arrest involves a criminal court case being filed against the driver, and license issue being taken by the DMV.

Criminal Court Case:

Most DUI arrests are charged as misdemeanors case, with the driver facing a permanent criminal record.  Fines, court costs, fees, mandatory alcohol education classes, MAAD victim “panels” where the driver is lectured to by drunk driving accident victims, installation of a breathalyzer on the person’s car are all consequences of a misdemeanor DUI arrest.  Jail time is given for misdemeanor cases involving certain facts such as a high blood alcohol level, a driver lying to police during the arrest, bad driving such as speeding or reckless driving and other factors that a judge uses to determine if jail is appropriate.

Felony DUI charges are possible if there are aggravating factors involved such as:

-An accident involving great bodily injury
-A hit and run case
-A 4th DUI for someone with multiple DUI cases

The DMV:

The DMV will automatically suspend the driver’s license of a person involved in a DUI arrest in Pomona unless they contact the DMV within 10 days of the arrest.  The defenses that are raised at a DMV hearing for a DUI case are similar to those used in court:

-Attacking the legality of the stop, including police procedures
-Showing the driver’s blood alcohol level was below the 0.08 limit
-Raising doubt as to the police case, statements, reports, protocols and portable breath testing equipment

If you were arrested in the Pomona area, a first step would be to call a Pomona DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer dedicated to DUI cases can show you what you’re up against, and how to best fight the case against you. A Pomona DUI Lawyer can help you if you are dealing with a DUI arrest in Pomona by:

-Going over your rights
-Reviewing the case for you
-Showing you the best way to get a better outcome.

A Pomona DUI Lawyer will know where to start and what defenses work in your case.

Besides knowing the best starting place for you, a Pomona DUI lawyer will know what defenses in these cases work so you have the best chance of beating your DUI arrest. The DUI attorney you speak with will also know how to prioritize the various defenses so you can put your best foot forward with the defense that will work in your case.

After having one of the worst experiences of their lives, a person arrested for DUI isn’t in the mood for games, or bad advice. This person needs the advice and counsel of a DUI lawyer. A Pomona DUI lawyer will know where to start.

During the consultation with a Pomona DUI lawyer, you will go over the defenses that work in DUI cases, including:

-the rising blood alcohol level or “BAC” defense will work for you
-how to challenge the stop by police
-how to subpoena evidence in your case to build the most successful defense possible

Pomona DUI reference tools:
Pomona Public Safety Information
Pomona Courthouse Information

A Pomona DUI Lawyer can help minimize the exposure you face to common DUI punishments, such as
-Loss of license
-Mandatory Alcohol Classes
-Hefty fines
-Possible jail for some offenses

Pick up the phone and call someone who can help you. The starting place for you is a Pomona DUI lawyer, call 213-400-0358 for a free consultation.

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