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The best San Pedro DUI lawyer is the one who fights tenaciously and vigorously for their clients. Fighting every step of the way for our clients is what we pride ourselves for. We don’t just roll over to the prosecution, or let the police get away with telling only their version of the facts. See why hiring a dedicated, aggressive San Pedro DUI lawyer will help you more with your case than hiring just any DUI lawyer you can find.

What you should do following a DUI arrest.

Following a DUI arrest, the first thing you should do is call the best San Pedro DUI lawyer you can find. DUI arrests are embarrassing, scary, expensive and time consuming. You don’t need to waste time or aggravation calling around to run-of-the-mill DUI lawyers. You need an aggressive, smart DUI lawyer who gets results.

Why you should call sooner rather than later:

You only have 10 days following a DUI arrest to save your license from automatic suspension. Unless your lawyer calls and arranges for a DMV hearing on the matter, your license will be automatically suspended.

What you will discuss with a San Pedro DUI lawyer.

When you find a San Pedro DUI lawyer you’re comfortable with, you’ll sit down for a consultation. It is important to be honest and tell the lawyer everything as best as you can remember.

The San Pedro DUI consultation will go over:

-What exactly happened during the DUI arrest.
-Which scientific tests were preformed to collect evidence like blood, breath or urine samples.
-What happens at the DMV.
-How to get the best possible outcome.

Call a San Pedro DUI Lawyer to start fighting back.

Once your San Pedro DUI lawyer has gone over the facts of your case with you, you can discuss with them the most common defenses for DUI cases and see which ones apply to your case. Common winning DUI defenses include:

-“Rising Blood Alcohol Content” defense by showing evidence of the driver’s Blood Alcohol level rising.
-Attacking the police investigation, techniques, and probable cause for the arrest.
-Showing errors, commissions, or (not as common) outright lies in police reports.

The first step is calling a dedicated DUI defense lawyer who works day and night on DUI cases. A free, no risk consultation with a San Pedro DUI lawyer will let you breath easier and start picking up the pieces following your DUI arrest.

Pick up the phone, call an aggressive, hard working, fighting attorney who handles San Pedro DUI cases and let them help you to answer your questions and show you what your options are.

San Pedro DUI Lawyer reference links:

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Our San Pedro DUI lawyer has had recent victories such as:

– NOT GUILTY for Driving under the influence charge CVC 23152(a) at Jury Trial.

-Saved a driver’s license from suspension at DMV hearing (BAC 0.09% via blood test)

-Reduction in charges that carried a minimum of 10 days in jail to a charge that only involved a small fine.

Call our San Pedro DUI lawyer on this website today and learn more about fighting for your rights. Call 213-400-0358.

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