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Commercial License DMV: Class A license issues related to DUI cases.

A commercial license suspension in California can triggered by several events:

– Negligent operator
– Bench warrants

Depending on the nature of the suspension, the suspension can run anywhere from 30 days to a lifetime ban on commercial driving. Its important to understand how the DMV handles commercial license suspensions in California in case you are facing a commercial license suspension. It is also important to understand how DMV hearings work in these cases.
Commercial License DMV DUI

DUI Cases: Commercial License and the California DMV

DUI cases present the most serious threat to someone’s commercial driver’s license. This is due to the fact that the DMV holds commercial drivers to a higher standard, with more stringent enforcement of rules for commercial license holders. Unlike Class C license holders, Class A license holders have longer license suspension periods in the case of a DUI, lower BAC (Blood alcohol level) tolerances for Class A operations and special DMV rules that govern how Class A license holders are given their privileges.

1st Offense DUI: Commercial License Suspension by the California DMV.

For a 1st offense, the California DMV will suspend Class A privileges for a period of one year. This occurs if the driver gets a DUI, whether that is a 0.08% DUI in a private vehicle, or a 0.04% DUI if the DUI occurs in a commercial vehicle during for hire operations. Either way, the loss of a license for a commercial driver will be 1 year. (These drivers would be allowed to exercise Class C privileges after 4 months, but would be prohibited from exercising the privileges of their Class A license.)

2nd Offense DUI: Commercial License Suspension by the California DMV.

For a 2nd offense DUI, the California DMV will suspend the driving privileges of a Class A holder for their lifetime. This means no further commercial/for hire driving whatsoever. This can occur if the driver gets the 2nd DUI in a private vehicle (on the weekend while partying with friends, for example) or if the 2nd DUI occurs behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Example of a 1st and 2nd DUI License Suspension for Class A driver:

A Class A driver who has a 1st offense DUI can potentially recieve a 1 year Class A suspension: No driving for hire for 1 year.  For a 2nd DUI, the suspension is a lifetime suspension.

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