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Saving your license: The San Bernardino DMV Office for APS, Negligent Operator and P&M Hearings.

The San Bernardino DMV Office handles the area’s license suspension hearings for DMV APS, Negligent operator or P&M suspensions. It is important that you understand the process, understand the nature of the hearing and what happens at the DSO (Driver Safety Office). DMV suspension hearings are not informal interviews, they are serious hearings where legal and procedural rules are important. Having an attorney help you with the process may mean the difference between getting a suspension and saving your license.

The difference between APS, P&M and Negligent Operator Hearings:

Depending on the driver’s record and history, the DMV will look into suspending the driving privileges of a driver. The suspension can only occur after the driver is given an opportunity for a hearing on the matter. The type of hearing depends on the issues the driver faces.

APS Suspension: Suspensions in DUI cases under California’s “Per Se” DUI Law.

For DUI cases, the DMV will automatically suspend the license of the driver if they do not request a hearing within 10 days of being stopped for suspicion of DUI.
If the driver makes a timely request for a hearing, a hearing will be set approximately 40 days into the future. The evidence in the case, typically consisting of a DMV document called a DS-367, along with supplemental reports will be sent from the arresting agency to the DSO. As part of the APS hearing process, the DMV will send a copy to the driver’s attorney for them to review the evidence and build a defense case for the driver.

For the typical APS hearing, the issues presented are:

1. Was the stop, detention and arrest of the driver valid?

2.  Was the driver in fact driving on a public road at the time

San Bernardino DMV Office: Location and Map for the DSO Office in San Bernardino.

The San Bernardino DMV DSO Office can be reached at:

Address:  1845 Business Center Dr., Ste. 212, San Bernardino, CA 92408-3447
General Information or to Make an Appointment:
Phone (909) 383-7413
Fax (909) 383-7439

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