West Covina DMV Office

West Covina DMV Office:  The Driver Safety Office where APS, P and M, and Negligent Operator hearings are held.

The West Covina DMV office responsible for Driver Safety issues is located at 1365 N Grand Ave, Covina, CA 91724. At the Covina DMV office, hearings that relate to driver safety issues are held, where DMV employees (called Hearing Officers) review the driver’s case file and determine what action, if any, the department of motor vehicles will take.

Negligent Operator hearings at the West Covina DMV Office:

Under California DMV rules and the California Vehicle Code, the DMV is required to take license action against the driving privileges of drivers who accumulate too many “points” due to unsafe driving habits. (See Violations used in Negligent Operator Counts.) Traffic tickets for speeding, ignoring signals or signs, crossing roadway markings such as ‘double yellow’ lines and other enumerated violations can indicate a driver who is unsafe or negligent in their day to day driving. Drivers who are habitual offenders often present a safety risk for those on the public roadways.

APS hearings for DUI cases at the West Covina DMV Office:

In DUI cases, the driver has their plastic driver’s license taken away and is given a pink paper (a temporary license) that outlines the APS process. The APS (“Administrative Per Se”) process involves the DMV suspending the driving privileges of drivers who have been arrested for DUI. Depending on the facts of their case, the suspension can range from 4 months to a lifetime suspension (in the most extreme cases.) Factors that the DMV looks at are:

  • The Driving Record of the driver: Prior DUI’s, prior driving record including other points, prior accidents and evidence of substance or alcohol abuse issues
  • Whether the driver gave Law Enforcement a Chemical Sample (Blood or Breath) to determine blood alcohol content
  • Whether there was an accident

An APS proceeding is a serious legal proceeding involving witness testimony, testimony based on police investigation reports, scientific evidence (of a person’s blood alcohol content) and other complex issues.

Because APS hearings can be complicated, a driver has the right to hire an attorney to handle the hearing on their behalf.  An attorney who understands the APS process can help a driver

P and M hearings at the West Covina DMV Office for physical and/or mental issues effecting driver safety:

P and M hearings are run by the DMV where there is evidence that the driver has physical or mental issues that effect their ability to safely operate a car.

Like an APS heairng, a P and M hearing is a serious legal proceeding and it is wise to consult with an attorney who understands the DMV rules and regulations that govern these hearings.