Smartphone Jammer for DUI Breathalyzer

A new app called “No-DUI-For-Me” has been developed to help people worried about Breathalyzers when they find themselves by the side of the road or being taken to a police station because of an alleged DUI offense.

A company in California has developed an app for smart phones that lets users block or jam the internal electronic signals in certain law enforcement Breathalyzers.

How Breath Testing works:
Breathalyzers measure the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood by measuring exhaled air out of the person’s lungs. The lining of the lungs is very thin and designed to easily transfer gases and chemicals from a person’s lungs into their blood vessels and into their circulatory system. When a person has had alcoholic beverages, the alcohol is processed by their digestive system and goes into their circulatory system, eventually effecting their nervous system tissue and causing impairment.

By measuring and analyzing the breath a person exhales, a Breathalyzer can detect whether that person has alcohol in their circulatory system. When done in a carefully controlled manner, the person’s blood alcohol concentration (the relative amount of alcohol in their blood) can be measured. If the person has a measurement above 0.08% alcohol concentration in their blood, they are deemed above the safe legal limit for driving a car.

Electronics within a Breathalyzer:
A Breathalyzer device has sensitive electronic equipment that detects changes to electrical current when the current is allowed to pass through a tested gas sample. When alcohol is present in the gas, the alcohol causes changes to the electrical current that can be measured. The more alcohol in the sample, the larger the changes. By measuring the amount of interference to the electrical current, the Breathalyzer can measure the amount or percentage of alcohol in a persons breath. By extrapolation, the amount of alcohol in the person’s blood can be calculated and their official “blood alcohol concentration” can be determined.

How the No-DUI-For-Me App works:
The app, when activated, emits a powerful blue-tooth signal that jams or interferes with a Breathalyzer. It works by increasing the electrical resistance within the test sample in a manner that causes the Breathalyzer to show “error” messages. Makers of the No-DUI App claim their app can work while the the phone is sitting in the driver’s pants pocket, or on the dashboard of their car, jamming any Breathalyzer within 10 feet of the phone.

Learn more about this app here: No-DUI-For-Me-App.

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