Things to say and do during a DUI stop

What should you say and do during a DUI stop?

 DO NOT talk to police, polietely refuse to answer their questions.  DO NOT do the FST’s or blow into their PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) device.    In order to understand why you shouldn’t do the above, you need to understand what exactly the police are up to when they are conducting their investigation.  Simply put:

1.  The police do not tell the truth

2.  The police are gathering evidence to hurt you, not help you

3.  The FST’s are designed to have people fail

The police do not tell the truth.

As a kid, we are taught that police officers are good, decent, honest and do all they can to help people.  This is a very simplified view of the world that doesn’t take into account the human failings and imperfections that police officers suffer (as do all humans).  While it is true that the end goal of police officers is to promote the common good and to do the right thing, anyone who works in the legal profession has come across police conduct that is done in the name of “The ends justify the means.’  The means that police officers employ include lying to suspects, misleading suspects and not telling suspects of all of their rights.   In fact, it is department policy in many law enforcement agencies to lie to a criminal suspect to elicit responses that the officer is looking for.

The police are gathering evidence to hurt you, not help you

During a typical DUI enforcement stop, the law enforcement officer invovled with the stop will conduct a DUI investiation. This includes asking the driver a series of questions and having them perform a variety of tasks. ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS AND TASKS ARE DESIGNED TO HELP LAW ENFORCEMENT CONVICT YOU OF A CRIME. Its as simple as that: Police officers conducting a DUI investigation are gathering evidence to be used against you in court to convict you of a crime. Understanding this is the most important thing you can know when figuring out how you’ll act during a DUI arrest.

The FSTS are designed to have people fail.

The Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s) that law enforcement officers have DUI suspects carry out include silly balancing exercises and tricks that are simply designed to build a case against the driver.  Its as simple as that.   The scientific validity of all of theses tests has the barest of actual science research and are heavily skewed to show impairment in anyone who does them.



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