Twenty Nine Palms DUI Lawyer

How a Twenty Nine Palms DUI Lawyer handles DUI Cases:

A Twenty Nine Palms DUI Lawyer should be aware of the latest scientific and legal defense stratigies used in DUI cases. DUI cases are not like most other cases handled by lawyers because:
-Scientific Evidence involving blood and breath tests
-Legal Issues such as: warrantless searches of drivers on public roadways, confessions, eyewitness statements
DUI cases can be treated as Felony DUI or Misdemeanor DUI.
A lawyer who is familiar with DUI cases will know the best strategy to handle DUI cases in 29 palms.

Sceintific Issues handled by Twenty Nine Palms DUI Lawyers:

DUI cases involve complex scientific evidence of blood alcohol levels or drug impairment levels in the driver. The two main forms of scientific blood alcohol measurement are through the breathalyzer (which measures alcohol in the person’s lungs and is used to extrapolate that value to determine blood alcohol level) and the more direct measure of the person’s blood using a venous blood smaple. Knowledge of how the value is extapolated (it is calculated using something called a “partition ration”) is critical to a lawyer defending DUI cases. Knowlege of blood testing procedures, such as the proper use of preservitive, the proper use of non-alcoholic cleaning swabs and the various laboratry testing protocols (such as gas chromatography) is key for lawyers handling blood test DUI cases in the Twenty Nine Palms area.

Legal Issues in DUI cases:

A driver who is stopped on a public roadway enjoys some constitutional protections against unreasonable or overly-intrusive government searches. In DUI enforcement cases, police often over-step their bounds and engage in unlawful detentions and questioning of a person simply driving along minding their own business. While it is legal for police to stop and temporarily detain people in ceratin cases, the rules that cover this are complicated and present an avenue of attack for an experienced DUI lawyer.


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